Middle-Aged Metal

Where should I start?
Muscle cars from the 60’s and 70s are now middle-aged, and compared with today’s precise manufacturing practices, they have many variations in the build quality. Chrysler cars such as the Dodge Charger, Plymouth SuperBird, and Dodge Daytona have identical issues in nearly every single model, unless it has been restored properly. Metal issues with quarter panels, trunk floors and drop offs and outer wheel housing ETC. are a certainty. Car conditions can vary so feel free to reach out and discuss your the one you own or are the car you are looking to build. We’ve looked at dozens of B Body cars and we’d sure hate for anyone to buy a car that’s not right to build. Give us a call, and we’ll walk you through a very simple evaluation process that takes a flashlight, straightedge and a string to help evaluate your next steps.

What's really inside a fender or deck-lid


Structure is key. The skeleton and backbone of the car have to be right. Rocker panels, for example, have 6 level points that impact the entire fit of the car. If the metal isn't right, the repair time and cost associated with your dream car can skyrocket. Remember, parts ordered from a catalogue don’t automatically work with each other either, or with your original parts.

From complete Dodge Daytona/ Plymouth SuperBird structural restoration to metal nose and rear plug parts, Vintage-Metal-Works wants to help you accelerate your project! Want to transform your B Body Charger, GTX, Road Runner, Satellite, SuperBee or Coronet into a Wing Car? Drop a note with a few photos of your car! Drive@VMWGeorgia.com

Complete Metal for Wing Car
Our customers can supply a rolling shell of a Dodge Daytona, SuperBird, B Body Charger, GTX, Road Runner, Satellite, SuperBee or Coronet for the basis to build a Wing Car. The quality of the original shell determines how extensive the project. The manner in which the car was driven, stored and repaired will determine the scope of work. After bringing your disassembled car to our shop, all bodywork is inspected, cleaned, and documented before moving to the next step of our work. In every case, there are critical internal rust issues.

After 10 days, we'll advise you on the exact materials and time needed to get your car ready for body work. With your approval, a complete media-blasting to bare metal and treatment for rust prevention is the final step before placing your car on a jig that will keep the car aligned and secure until the metal fabrication and fit is complete.

The uni-body structural metal is carefully assembled. The metal is constructed from premium material and we’ll never weld an edge to make a gap look right.

It’s imperative that drive-train and suspension are discussed early. We’ve worked with the best engine and drivetrain experts so please let us know what you’ve got in mind to get your car moving, and moving fast!

Complete Wing Car Parts
Even in today’s replacement metal parts, inconsistency is the norm and no car is the same. With the nose piece and window plug, we can ship them to you or schedule time to have our shop install them. We can provide the following:

  • Dodge Daytona nose
  • Dodge Daytona window plug
  • Plymouth SuperBird nose
  • Plymouth SuperBird window plug
  • Rear trunk tray for Dodge Daytona, SuperBird, or a B Body car.
  • Full Body and Frame metal work

Complete Metal for First Generation Mustang Fastbacks
The same process used with B Body cars applies to another favorite 1st generation Fastback! Looking for better handling and performance? We have a few applications to suit a car that handles 700+ HP and if you are looking for a custom suspension, let us introduce you to our friends at Gerst Suspension.


Look in our photo gallery and feel free to send us a picture of your car. If you stop by and we aren’t too busy fitting the nose on a Daytona, we’d love to answer your questions. Otherwise, please give us a call to schedule time to visit Vintage-Metal-Works.