About Us

Vintage Metal Works was founded by Jim Davis in 2003 in the original A.D. Bolton Chevrolet Dealership in Commerce, Georgia. Bolton was a prominent businessman who started selling both Chevrolet and Nash automobiles in 1923. By the mid-1940, A.D. Bolton determined a modern facility was necessary to meet the increasing customer demands. Year-long construction began on the new 10,000 square foot facility that featured sales offices, showroom, parts department, general repair bays, wash bay, body shop, and a paint bay. After more than 55 years of business Bolton Chevrolet was sold in 1978 to Ed Slaughter who continued operations at the original location for several years before moving to a new facility. As a result, the original Bolton building remained closed for several decades until Jim Davis purchased the quintessential spot for any car enthusiast in 2011. The dealership is full of collectible car memorabilia along with a rich history. If you love cars, you will feel right at home at Vintage Metal Works.

Jim Davis has worked primarily in the aerospace industry. Gulfstream Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines, Lockheed Fire and Missile Control, and as a teacher for Georgia Department of Adult and Technical Education. Exposed to many forms of manufacturing disciplines by old school engineers coupled with 38 years’ experience have influenced his approach to metal repair and installation. Vintage Metal Works implements that mindset throughout our shop with 5S and Kaizen methods designed for continuous improvement.





Collision work is not restoration work

Here at Vintage Metal Works, we’ve rebuilt various classic cars from collectible to racing legends. Our mission is to simply metal restore iconic cars better than they were originally constructed. As a whole, middle-aged cars tend to have similar issues that are familiar to our highly-skilled team. The metal restoration process begins with examining the metal structure. It’s rare a 50 year old car does not have rust issues in critical structural locations. As you may know, delays, spiraling costs, lost interest, ultimately result in frustration, disappointment, and very often, complete abandonment of the car project because of metal issues . This is not the time to entrust your dream to a collision shop or a backyard builder.


Maybe your Dodge Daytona or Plymouth Superbird is too rare to drive. Consider a twin car with the same colors of your classic car that has the power of today’s muscle car!

Parts are not created to work together. Reproducing Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird metal nose cones and rear window plugs are our specialty. With over 50 individual components offered by numerous reproduction suppliers headaches arise with almost every project left to amateurs. With almost every car’s front end different, fitting the most visible part becomes one of the most frustrating parts of a build.

Give us a quick call at (770) 403-0554 or shoot us a message to discuss your project from parts to assembly. We look forward to learning more about your dream classic car!